Business Tech

Feb 21, 2023

At around R13 per litre at the Isinkwe site, LPG is roughly 40% cheaper than the current price of R21.74 per litre for Petrol 95 in coastal areas, said Hartley in an interview with MyBroadband.

This means motorists could save almost half on their fuel expenses by switching to a Prins Autogas kit, which costs anywhere north of R25,000 excluding VAT.

According to the company and MyBroadband, the Kit costs are model-dependent, and installation costs are approximately R2,950, excluding VAT.

Isinkwe Energies managing director Kyle Hartley noted that the kit can transform a car into a bi-fuel vehicle which can run on both petrol and gas, and LPG systems are notably eco-friendly and cost-effective compared to cars that run solely on petrol.

“If the vehicle runs out of gas it automatically turns back to petrol whilst driving,” said Hartley.

He also noted that there is no power loss when converting to LPG, and it’s an ideal alternative for petrol cars that are already on the road.

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